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DC Circulator USA where is the Bus

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Разработчик VIDUR
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"Where is the BUS"
!!Simple & Easy way to find Transit information!!

- View live location of Metro Buses/Rail on the Map.
- Map will also show your current location in context to the route selected.
- Find the nearest bus stops around you & its schedule.
- Check the schedule & Plan your trip accordingly.

How App works.
GPS shows your location
App shows the nearby bus stop on the Map.
Select the Bus Route & bus stop
App provides you with information about the buses in that particular route & approx arrival time.
Thats it!! board the bus & reach your destination.

Locates your Current position on map (Enable GPS)
Shows Nearby Bus Stops
Display available Routes
Real time GPS location of buses available in the Route.
Approx arrival time of the Buses.
Inbound and Outbound routes and stops
Map in different modes
Search for places such as hotels, ATM, malls, Banks etc., around the bus stops near you
Easily reach the Nearby POI
Also find the route to nearby POI
Save frequently visited stops as favorites
Quickly access saved stops
Compatible with the all devices
Free updates

Internet is required to access the functionality in the app.
App get live data from NextBus.
Not for Navigation